• April 8th 2023: SeafoodU @ Rahr and Sons Brewing
    April 8, 2023
    10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Venue Details:


Venue Details: 
701 Galveston Ave
Fort Worth, Texas 76104, United States

SeafoodU. Skills to scale up your seafood game. 

Join us for the newest addition to the Backyard Pitmaster curriculum.  In this class, you’ll learn all about the three main types of seafood, how to select the freshest product, and seafood-specific tools of the trade.  Once you master the basics, we will discuss the finer points of hot and cold smoking, to cure or not to cure your protein, and then arm you with a tried and true recipe for a maple Bourbon smoked salmon.  Next, we will share our secret of the whole fish 5 step system (the perfect way to grill a whole fish) and hang a couple of red snappers on the Kudu grill. 

To round out this class, we will tackle (or shuck) oysters and lobsters. You will learn how to properly shuck oysters and char-grill them to perfection with our Graduate rub compound butter—sure to keep your friends and family coming back for seconds or thirds.  At the end of this 3-hour class, you will be captain of any get-together and a Certified Backyard Seafood Pitmaster!