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The path to great BBQ often begins with a question. Find answers to the questions posed below in our Frequently Asked Questions section. Still can’t find your answer? Get in touch and perhaps we can add your question to our list.

Pitmaster360 is a class focusing more on general backyard smoking and cooking fundamentals, and less on specific proteins. Whereas our “University” classes (BrisketU, RibsU, ChickensU, etc.) are deep dives into perfecting particular protein categories, Pitmaster360 spends more time discussing topics such as fire and temp management, grill setup, and techniques like injection. Pitmaster360 also has a deeper focus on ceramic and pellet grills.

During the 3-hour class, Pitmaster360 covers the best practices to smoke heavenly brisket, St. Louis style ribs, and other cuts like pork shoulder and chicken, all in a single class.  

Either way, both classes all packed with information ensuring you will be equipped with the skills and techniques to be the premier Pitmaster of your domain

We are the nation’s leader in BBQ and grilling education and we teach tens of thousands of folks just like you each year.  We are also one of the most affordable barbecue classes available, allowing us to pursue our mission of turning everyday backyard BBQ enthusiasts into pitmasters of their own domain. Our classes focus on education first and are not “BBQ product showcases”, “fan meetups”, or “restaurant VIP experiences” secretly masquerading as education. 


Indeed it is.  Actually, many folks on our team also use pellet smokers in our own backyards.  We cover all types of smokers and keep class sizes limited to under 30 seats so everyone can also ask specific questions.

All of our Pitmaster instructors are professionals and beyond their years of training, competing, and work experience, every one of them goes through a strenuous training program to meet our unique standards.  These pitmasters are recruited as the best, and are not people that feel qualified due to competing in BBQ contests with beer buddies.

Can’t believe we need to say this, but if it’s cold outside, dress warmly.  Hot outside, dress lightly.  Yes, we had someone show up in cold weather without a coat and wanted a refund.  Classes are casual, and roughly ⅓ outside and ⅔ inside.  (Even in cold weather, we can’t fire up a smoker inside).

Both.  Most classes are around 3 hours…2 inside and 1 outside around the pit in multiple visits.

Classes happen rain or shine (and sometimes even snow).  If it rains, you may wish to bring an umbrella to get from the brewery out to our canopy tents.  If it’s a major storm that demands we postpone, we will notify you prior to class.

Yes.  Everything we discuss is documented and available for you.  You will also receive our famous pit-side guide for notes.

Unlike other BBQ classes that allow as many as 100 (or more) in a class, we intentionally cap our class size at around 28 students.  In our experiences operating dozens of classes per week around the US, this smaller class size allows attendees to see everything, get to meet classmates, and ask specific questions of our team that relate to their own BBQ journey.

Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

We do.  Check out this link http://franchise.brisketu.com and contact us at mike@brisketu.com.

Yes, we have media-trained experts available in many major media markets around the United States. Please email  media@backyardpitmasters.com with your request and include any deadline details in the subject line.

Definitely.  We’ve done hundreds of them.  And we help customize them to your audience, small or large.  Here is the link for more information:  https://brisketu.com/private-events/

That’s a solid yes.  $10 off the price of any ticket.  Just ask and we will send you a code.  And thanks in advance for your service to us all.

Well, for starters, we are live and not on a screen. Where would you ask your specific questions? Not to mention experience those all-important BBQ senses.  The smell of various smoke profiles, the feel of the heat and meat, learning on the spot, the taste of the proteins, and special-recipe snacks.  Oh, and beer.  But seriously, if you feel like YouTube is your go-to, do it.  And when you realize there’s always more to absorb in person, give us a try.  Tens of thousands of others have come to our classes for the personal live experience. You can see what a few of them had to say here. 

Nope.  We are not a restaurant.  Our experience is instruction. So we focus on that.

We teach the best tips and tricks that likely would take you far in competition.  But that’s not us or our mission.  Our sole focus is on teaching the skills to be a Backyard Pitmaster extraordinaire.  You will be the BBQ royalty of your block and a “Certified Backyard Pitmaster”.

Our classes aren’t based on Voodoo science or restaurant techniques, and we’re not here for influencers or Instagram.  We are focused on teaching with proven methods, tested thousands of times, and perfected for the everyday backyard cook.  It’s your BBQ Bravado skillset learned in a small limited class-size environment and it’s unlike anything else out there. After all, we are the originals.


Much like other ticketed events, the seats for the entire group are listed under the name entered upon registration. If you have multiple tickets, simply provide the primary name at the registration table. Each guest does not need to individually register via the website but must have a paid seat.

Unfortunately, no. Our class tickets are for a specific class performance on a specific date and time at a specific venue. We also try to limit our seats for each class to enhance your overall learning experience. So similar to a movie, concert, or game ticket, ours are not refundable or exchangeable for a future date. Remember, in a pinch, you can always give (or sell) that ticket to someone who needs some smoking skills improvement.

Cancellations do sometimes occur due to circumstances beyond our control…things like a sudden illness, traffic accident, brewery issues, or even crazy weather. But don’t worry, it rarely happens, and we will provide you with a code to slide you up to a future date of your convenience.  

We will also do everything we can to notify you the moment we know of a canceled class, so make sure your phone number, email, and registration information is all correct, and that emails don’t go into a spam folder.

In our classes, you will get to sample the end product.  If you think you’ll get hungry soaking in all that smoky goodness during the class, relax.  We typically serve up some juicy snacks along the way.


We have everything you need, including a Pit-Side Pocket Guide and pencils.

Sure. Happy to do that for corporate entertainment, company outings, bachelor(ette) parties, birthdays, you name it.  Call our main line or email tiffany@brisketu.com.  We’ve done hundreds of amazing and unique private events.

We hold pitmaster classes for ribs (RibsU), turkey (TurkeyU), chicken (ChickensU), wildgame (WildGameU), and Seafood (SeafoodU).  Watch for those special courses on this registration page.

All of our classes are held at a host brewery or distillery, all of which offer great craft beverages.  You do not have to be of drinking age to attend.  Most breweries also have soda or water available.

Nothing to worry about.  We teach how to smoke the perfect meats on every type of smoker. The key areas we cover are temperature control, smoke profiles, meat trimming and prep, rub mixes, slicing and so much more that the information you learn is great regardless of the cooking chamber.  We all own and know how to cook on ceramic, offset, vertical and pellet-fed smokers.

Yes, but we have a minimum age of 12, and each person who attends must have registered and paid for the class.

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