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Class Description and Current Dallas | Fort Worth Area Schedule 

Welcome to Backyard Pitmasters, the nation’s leading BBQ Pitmaster classes.  Our BBQ classes are developed especially with the backyard cook in mind, yet with the most refined and informative expert content, you’ll find anywhere.  Watch up close as we demonstrate the best tips and tricks to smoke and grill the perfect BBQ right in your own backyard.

Every 3-hour class covers the essentials like what to look for when purchasing your protein, fire management and pit temperatures, trimming and prep, rub mixes, injections and brining, wood smoke profiles, meat temperatures, timing, slicing, and serving. For your convenience, we have multiple class times on Saturday and Sunday and you can even buy beer from our host brewery.  

Best of all, you bring nothing but your appetite for learning.  We provide a pit side notebook and pencil.  Check out the class description you want next below. We look forward to meeting you and sharing the joys of creating your own backyard BBQ.

Select your most convenient class time from the schedule below.  Remember to check back routinely, as we will be adding specialty BBQ classes once they are finalized. To view a complete list of classes for all cities please use this link

Current Class Schedule: DFW

Event Details Location Time
July 21st 2024 BrisketU @ Lakewood Brewing Garland, TX
  • 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Sold Out
August 3rd 2024 BrisketU @ Rahr & Sons Brewing Fort Worth, TX
  • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
August 11th 2024 RibsU @ Hop and Sting Brewing Co. Grapevine, TX
  • 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
August 24th 2024 Pitmaster360 @ Peticolas Brewing Co. Dallas, TX
  • 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Check back often as we are posting new class dates and new locations regularly for the Atlanta area. Remember, we do private events also!

BrisketU. What’s the point?
Timing: Year-round 

Great question. And one of many that will be answered in our nationally-famous BrisketU class.  We will show you what to watch for, how to push a brisket through the “stall”, when to wrap (or not), and how to know when your brisket is cooked to perfection. In 3 short hours, you’ll be a Certified Backyard Pitmaster

Pitmaster360. A 360 degree view of ‘Que.
Timing: Year-round 

Pitmaster360 is our general backyard BBQ class for the everyday cook and covers all of the tips, tricks and confidence you need to smoke a number of BBQ favorites just like a pro on any type of smoker.

Each class covers the entire 360 degree view of smoked brisket, St. Louis style ribs, plus other seasonal speciality items. If it’s a general working skills knowledge of smoking meats you’re seeking, then this is the full spectrum BBQ class for you that covers fire management, wood selection, techniques, and take home recipes.

RibsU. Bad to the Bone.
Timing: Year-round 

Our famous RibsU class educates and entertains as you learn the ins and outs of how to smoke the perfect southern-style ribs right in your own backyard. We will introduce you to 6 types of ribs: beef plate short ribs, beef chuck ribs, beef back ribs, St.Louis Style pork ribs, pork baby back ribs, and lamb ribs. After showing you how to butcher a rack of spareribs into the popular St. Louis style, we will explain the methods for perfect ribs, and when to use a candy, dry rub, or sauce.  Lastly, we will show you how to slice and serve each different type of rib!  Time to become a full-fledged Certified Backyard Rib Pitmaster. 

ChickensU. Another feather in your BBQ cap.
Timing: Year-round on occasion

Built on a foundation of years of knowledge, our ChickensU class imparts the wisdom you need to smoke, grill, and even rotisserie a chicken like a pro, but in the comfort of your own backyard. In addition to the 411 on chicken: anatomy, types, and selection, we go over the pros and cons of injection and brining, how to spatchcock a chicken, the 8-piece breakdown, and trussing.  Once each chicken is crispy and cooked, we will show you how to slice and carve it, earning you the coveted Certified Backyard Chicken/Pitmaster designation.

SeafoodU. Scale up your seafood game.
Timing: Spring and Fall

In this specialty class, you’ll learn all about the three main types of seafood.  We will cover the finer points of hot and cold smoking, to cure or not to cure your salmon, and then share our secret of the whole fish 5-step system (the perfect way to grill a whole fish) while we hang some red snappers on the Kudu grill.  We also tackle shellfish–oysters and lobster. You will learn how to properly shuck oysters and char-grill them to perfection with our Graduate rub compound butter—and then throw some lobster tails on the grill and teach you how to make a Texas-style lobster roll. Yes, you get to eat it all.  You will be captain of any get-together and a Certified Backyard Seafood Pitmaster!

WildgameU. Go on. Give it a shot.
Timing: Late Fall / Winter

Our seasonal wild game class is perfectly aimed at teaching the finer techniques of how to select, season, prepare, smoke, grill and serve several types of deer, elk, wild boar, and fowl. We walk you through a full scope of unique recipes, times and temps for each that will move your prized game to award-winning fare. And when you’re done, you’ll have a certified Backyard Wildgame Pitmaster diploma to hang with your mounted trophies.

TurkeyU. Okay pilgrim, it’s not just for Thanksgiving anymore.
Timing:  October through November 

Our team at Backyard Pitmasters has carefully crafted the best class for teaching you how to smoke the perfect turkey and other seasonal dishes in our extremely popular 3-hour class. To start, we will walk you through pit management, the right tools and equipment for smoking, and even how to select the right bird. Smoking turkey takes skill, but using our method, we can guarantee a flavorsome fowl by discussing injections and proper seasoning. You’ll be a proven Certified Backyard Turkey Pitmaster.

Things you need to know about the class:

  • We have everything you need, including pencils and notebooks.
  • You will have the option to sample the delicious bites cooked during the class.
  • All ticket sales are final and are valid for the specified time and date only.
  • Your ticket cannot be refunded or exchanged for future class dates
  • In the rare event of a cancellation by Backyard Pitmasters, you will receive a code to register for free for any future event of your convenience.
  • We reserve the right to make any changes to class dates, times, or locations due to uncontrollable circumstances
  • Your presence at a class constitutes your consent to be photographed or videotaped for the promotional use of Backyard Pitmasters.
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