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Date & Time:

August 11, 2024

12:00pm – 03:00pm


Hop Squad Brewing Co.

2307 Kramer Lane

Austin, TX 78758

The Class

Our famous RibsU class educates and entertains as you learn the ins and outs of how to smoke the perfect southern-style ribs right in your own backyard. We will introduce you to 6 types of ribs: beef plate short ribs, beef chuck ribs, beef back ribs, St.Louis Style pork ribs, pork baby back ribs, and lamb ribs. After showing you how to butcher a rack of spareribs into the popular St. Louis style, we will explain the methods for perfect ribs, and when to use a candy, dry rub, or sauce. Lastly, we will show you how to slice and serve each different type of rib! Time to become a full-fledged Certified Backyard Rib Pitmaster.

The venue

Our venue partners play a big role in making sure our classes are a great experience.

It’s for all of yall - the community of fans that comes through every weekend, rain or shine, to cheer on our Austin FC squad. We truly love being your pre game spot and promise to match that enthusiasm every gameday right along side you. Whether it's in season or not, Hop Squad is the best brewery to hang out and play games with friends in our huge indoor space and even larger patio area with large tables.


  • 2307 Kramer Lane
  • Austin, US 78758

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  • August 11th 2024: Backyard Pitmaster (Ribs)
    August 11, 2024
    12:00 pm - 3:00 pm